Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just another project.......

So here is our latest project!
Thank you to Allison for the "Bunny Bucket" idea last Easter. We just added a Hallowe'en theme to it. Easy project for Eden, she could use the glue, all drippy and gooey to put on the tissue paper, then I printed 6-8 different features and she picked and glued the shapes on!

Looks great with a candle, or a glow stick but I think we are going to use it for her trick or treating bag.
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Spencer, Allison McLean & Lucy Mylymok said...

It's a little creepy looking :) But a great idea, much more work than the bunny bucket but still eprfect. Love to see Eden's work and that she's enjoyng crafts!

Erin said...

Super fun! But do tell more... We are all about the Halloween crafts around here and I am always keen for new ideas.

Oh, and well done on the posting, Erin! You're on a roll now!