Friday, March 28, 2008

more adventures....

Samantha made a true friend while at Esquimalt Lagoon, with much dismay she had to leave her precious Felicia behind to fend for herself. Just maybe in the future they may meet up again. Best Friends Forever......

On a Saturday afternoon adventure, along the logging roads in Shawnigan area, Heath took us up to Wild Deer Lake. With the frozen lake behind you still can see how much both Alyssa and Eden are enjoying themselves.

Look it must be Felicia's friend that Eden has in her hand........ fortunately for the crab it tasted salty as Eden took it directly to her little choppers for a tasting.

Family time....

The one thing we all enjoy doing is having family time. What better way to spend time with everyone than go for a hike.

East Sooke Park.......coastal trail (Metchosin side)

East Sook Park again, but this time we went to the Pike Road Trail (East Sooke side)
Great photo of Heath and Eden at Esquimalt Lagoon, an after dinner walk

Long blog!

So I realize that it has been a very long time since we have blogged and while not blogging some crazy stuff has happened. First as you can see by the picture below, little Eden has some medical issues. In the matter of a week, she had two episodes which altered us, and by the end of the week we were at BC Childrens hospital. In a nut shell our little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it was diagnosed on a Saturday and removed the following Monday. It has taken almost one month for us to receive pathology results, which have named the tumour and have given us a little piece of mind. The giant medical name is desmoplastic infantile glanglioglioma, grade 1 begien (which is a favourable diagnosis).

EEG at Victoria General

"Really Daddy, the other guy looks much worse", Eden 5 days post op.

And hey look at me "I'm home, put on your seat belts we're going for a ride". Two weeks post op.
She looks wonderful!
We also have celebrated 3 birthdays. Thalia's double digit, she is now 10 years old on Feb 24th, it was most unfortunate we were in Vancouver but I know she had a great time at her party with friends at the gymnastics club. We arrived home in time for Samantha's jump into the teenage years on the 4th of March she is now 13 years old, and just recently we celebrated my dads big 50th on the 25th. Throw in Easter and well we have been just a little busy.