Friday, September 25, 2009

Toodles for now....

I leave these updates with one last photo. As I look through all the pictures I am saddened by the lack of photos of my wonderful husband and myself, but I filled with joy when I found this one.
I love it!

I hope all is well with your families and you have enjoyed taking a peek at the most recent updates and going-ons of the Armstrong Gang.
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Another find.....

Note how small the cache is and what was inside was a tiny roll of paper with dates of finds on it!
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A few more black and whites

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A trip to the train...woo woo

We took a day trip to the BC Forest Museum, where I would say fun was had by all. Eden loved the train rides and I think the older girls just loved watching her as her eyes widened with every new discovery. The car ride home was" woo woo train station guys..."

Heath and all the girls

All six of his girls!!

A rare photo of the two older girls.
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All of the girls....

A picture taken while the girls where on holidays with their mom in Disney World Florida. I think it is a wonderful photo.

A snapshot of the little girls, kudos to Alyssa for capturing a great picture
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A couple black and whites... I just like

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Treasure hunting with Eden....

Heath and Eden at Tower Point park in Metchosin. Us big kids call it geocaching but for our little hunter we call it "treasure hunting". I am always left in disbelief to see her running on full tilt down trails, through the bushes hunting for the special hidden treasure. The first time I have to admit I planted a treasure because it was pretty obvious that we were not going to find it, but in order to keep Eden excited about going geocaching I had to let her "find" something!!

An example of a cache. Sometimes little Tupperware containers other times camouflaged peanut butter jars or sometimes little micro finds which are in old film canisters. You never know until you find it.

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.... to cutie pie

Four months old and not one but two teeth!

When the girls returned from their summer holidays in Disney World they brought back a headband of mouse ears for the little girls.........
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Blue ribbon pie.....

Thalia and her friend Jessica decided to enter the pie making contest at this years Metchosin Day! Thalia went over to Jessica's house and the two girls baked a pie each to enter in the contest. I believe Jessica's pie was all blackberry and Thalia's pie was blackberry apple.

Well, I can't even describe to you the joy I saw in Thalia's eyes when she realized her pie had won the blue ribbon for the youth division! Smile from ear to ear and jumping around like she had ants in her pants.....I just wished we could have tasted it...winning pies where auctioned off or sold by slice for the evenings dinner. I best have her make me one!!

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Our new adventures......geocaching!!

As a family we have decided to try out geocaching for a family outing. I would say everyone in our family loves the days that we decide to go and hunt down a cache, or if your Eden find a hidden "treasure".

A rare picture of Heath and the girls where everyone looks great.

Alyssa finds the first cache.

Eden exploring the hidden treasure!
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