Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You might say mischief should be my middle name.....

So I was just putting my shoes on to run out the door and in the two seconds it takes to do that.....she discovered the toilet paper roll in the bathroom.....
Should have know it wouldn't be too long before she did because also this week she has taken to stealing poor Thalia's toothbrush and toothpaste from the drawer. Not only does she carry it around the entire house with her, but just yesterday as I climbed over the baby gate to go outside I looked down and......
........low and behold Eden has tossed the toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste and her cookie as an offering to the cats. I almost quiver to think what it might be next!!!!!
O.....oh......! is what my sweet little girl said when I looked at her!

Outdoor fun

On the weekend I introduced the girls to the wonderful world of Goop (thanks for sharing this with us Auntie Allison)! I had no idea that the two older girls would love the messy fun as much as their little sister. Well maybe Eden enjoyed it a little bit more as she climbed right on top of the cookie sheet and sat in it and well ate lots too!

Thanks Thalia for playing with me, I love to play on the swing..........
Probably one of the only times I could get Eden to keep a hat on, wish me luck for the rest of the summer......lol

Never too early......

Helping Mommy make dinner, what is it that you needed? Just give me a minute to climb right in and get it for you! Don't worry I didn't pee my pants, but rather I sat in some pickle juice that I just happened to get a hold of!
Now mommy says I should eat my fruits and vegetables.... Are you happy with what I chose?

Finally a cousin.....

So I know that the three older girls have been waiting for quite a while for a little cousin, well their wait is over. On May 23rd, their cousin arrived. Congratulations to Uncle Brock and Auntie Bev, your little boy is very beautiful.
The first picture of the five cousins all together.... watch out little man the girls are all about playing dress up!!! Well that is what cousin Samantha keeps telling me.

Welcome little Ulyjha! 6lbs 8 oz May 23rd 2008.

Fun with grandpa

So look what I have discovered......Grandpa likes to wear hats! Mommy keeps trying to get me to wear them too, but I would much rather play with them. It's way more fun! Wouldn't you agree Grandpa?

Alyssa turns 15.....

So Alyssa turned 15 this month, I think my or my how fast she is growing up! Then I think that her mom and dad must find it unbelievable that their first born is now 15 years old. Well I just have to say that we are so proud of the lovely young lady that she is growing into and wish her all the best.

As for the birthday party, at the birthday girls request she had a camping sleepover out at the farm. Tent set up, the fire pit burning, trampoline, bbq, chocolate fondue and of course can't forget smores. I would say that fun was had by all because at 230 in the wee morning hours laughter still could be heard echoing through the night sky. The five girls decided to chance the weather as it was a beautiful night and sleep out on the trampoline. The picture following is at 7 in the morning as they are just starting to wake up.

Chocolate fondue anyone!

So what could be better than birthday cake? How about a chocolate fondue? Looks like Alyssa and her friends had a great time! Lots of laughs and silly smiles. Oh Shawna looks like you missed your mouth!!!
Jordyn......lovin the chocolate the sugar rush is just tooo much!
Dare, what's the sly eye for......?
Pure Bliss, hey Alyssa? Hey Becca, what's it gonna be strawberry, banana, pineapple or how about all three as a fruit kabob?
I see Dare you decided.....