Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Fun

Allison introduced us to "Booing", so here is our little "Boo" for some friends. Eden and I created and then we crept up to their house and left a little treasure for them to find. We hope everyone enjoyed!
A couple MUMMY crafts, girls really seem to like the candle holders....

and last but not least the fall tree has been turned into our "Spooky" tree, adorned with bats, spiders and cobwebs!
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Spencer, Allison McLean & Lucy Mylymok said...

Wish I lived close enough to find a boo bucket at my door! It looks like it's loaded with fun stuff.

And the jack'o'lantern candle holders are adorable, would want one of those too!

A;sas, stuffed paper jack'o'lanterns are about our ability and absolutely gorgeous decoarting our house.

Erin said...

A-ha!!! I think I recognize that boo bucket! Thank you so much, Erin and Eden. The boys were completely delighted. See my blog for photos of them, loving their Boo bucket!