Friday, October 20, 2006

owwwww halloween is approaching....

Just wanted to post a picture of some guest that have arrived for the halloween season.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The belly is a growin

So for those of you wondering how the belly is coming along, well its a growin. The following is a pic at approx 13.5 weeks along. A couple of weeks ago the family was treated to the sounds of the little peanuts heartbeat. What a cool thing to hear. As for me, I think the morning sickness has passed, well at least I hope so! Cheers Erin

The great pumpkin adventure

Last Saturday the Armstrong gang set out for a weekend exploration. We decided to go for a casual walk along the coast line of Todd harbour in Brentwood Bay. A neat adventure as we saw the old remains of a cement company that functioned in the area during the early 1930's.

After our afternoon walk we hit up a local market for some yummy fresh produce. To our surprise this is when the great pumpkin adventure began. The field adjacent to the market was full of wonderfully orange pumpkins, and as being so close to Halloween we decided to let the girls go for a wonder through the field. What a fun thing to watch, Thalia picking up pumpkins that mostlikely as heavy as she! Then watching as Alyssa and Thalia try to carry the pumpkin through the field. Also thank goodness for "muscles Samantha" as she very skillfully pushed a wheelbarrow through the field loaded with six pumpkins of varying sizes.

The girls paying for the six great pumpkins. On the last weekend of the month we will be having a great pumpkin carving session at the Armstrong household. I'm sure it will be a wonderful time as we create some spooky jack'o'lanterns....