Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At last ....

So one last try and it worked.....let me introduce you to Oatis eating from Eden's bucket and Monty our Llamas

The last days of 2008

Well I've done it...caught up on the blog. I suppose if I had to make a New Years resolution it might include trying to stay on top of blogging. I promise to try to do my best! The last few days have been nice quiet ones, girls enjoying their Christmas treasures, Heath and I catching up on some movies, unpacking of few more things, Eden enjoying having her sisters home from school, and well a little Teddy Bear Tea Party.

As for this evening a little more of the same, I believe it's games night at the Armstrong house. Uncle Brock, Auntie Bev and cousin Ulyjha are coming over to ring in the new year with us. I just hope I can make it until 12pm. To all our friends and family, we wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone......

So arrives the day the kids have been waiting early wake up call of 545, early but well worth all the smiles on the girls faces and the little voice saying "Santa bring presents" "OOOHHH" Eden opening her stocking all by herself, if the hands don't do it fast enough best try my teeth!

They don't look too shabby in the morning do they???

How about a group photo of all our family and friends we had for dinner. Twenty two all together for a sit down dinner in the new living room.... Yummy food, lots of laughter and smiles to been seen everywhere. That's what it is all about! FAMILY and FRIENDS

Breakfast with Santa

OH pancakes for breakfast what more could she ask for but her favorite...... Looks like she is trying to get away but on the contrary she is trying to get as close as she can.....!

Merry Christmas, as a lovely treat Grandma and Papa took us out to the local (Metchosin Cafe) for pancake breakfast with Santa. Such yummy pancakes were had by all of us, but the best smile came from little Miss. Unlike her Mommy she loved the big man in the red suit, she was the first child on Santa's lap. She actually ran right behind him as he was making his way to his seat......she even gave hugs and kisses too.....I guess she will be on the nice list this year.


more December fun

Dressed up and ready to go..... A snow angel or a frozen girl?!?! I'm not sure which..

All bundled up and ready for some sledding.......

December brings snow and fun

So for some strange reason or another blogger won't let me post any photos from November, so in a few words here is Novembers happenings..
Lots of moving in still, preparing for winter arrival, and the arrival of two new pets. Monty and Oatis two lovely Llamas....yep that's right llamas. Hopefully I can get the photos to attach later, until then snow pics of the kids.. Thalia above jumping, Alyssa below flying...
Samantha cruising, a snow angel...and all the girls for a winter photo

Who's family is this....I can't seem to see anyone I know..

Well this looks like it might be my little fairy princess...

But who is that witch??? Could it be grandma.
And this old lady I'm pretty sure she isn't in my family, however on closer inspection I do recognize those hands as being oh....Samantha's!

I never knew we had royalty in the family, looks as though Thalia believes she is the Queen!

We're in October now!

Sporting the pumpkin smock mommy made for me, and playing a little game of PEEKIE BOO! Carving the pumpkins....looks like everyone is having fun...

This one is just right.....

Having fun on the new driveway, like I said loads of room for the kids to play. This is Samantha as a Kangaroo and Alyssa as......honestly I'm not sure. But there having a blast on the skateboards1
Okay so most everybody knows that it is almost impossible for me to get any photo of Samantha as she HATES having her photo taken, so when I do get one I'm posting it! I think this was a farewell to the old house.......

Looks worried but just trying to hide from me!!!!! Hopefully she will see this post and decide to let me take some more beautiful photos....

more fall fun

enjoying a little baking with mommy.....

running around outside....

Fall fun

For those of you who don't know fall has been rather busy for the Armstrong Gang. We moved out to my parents place and into the BIG HOUSE. Lots of room for the family to live and more importantly play!

As everyone knows I am a pretty poor blogger so theres oodles of pictures on the way. Cheese a favorite thing to do when the camera is out!
Outside in the yard just having some fun

Alyssa at Metchosin Days

A little fun at the Saanich fall fair