Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alyssa turns 15.....

So Alyssa turned 15 this month, I think my or my how fast she is growing up! Then I think that her mom and dad must find it unbelievable that their first born is now 15 years old. Well I just have to say that we are so proud of the lovely young lady that she is growing into and wish her all the best.

As for the birthday party, at the birthday girls request she had a camping sleepover out at the farm. Tent set up, the fire pit burning, trampoline, bbq, chocolate fondue and of course can't forget smores. I would say that fun was had by all because at 230 in the wee morning hours laughter still could be heard echoing through the night sky. The five girls decided to chance the weather as it was a beautiful night and sleep out on the trampoline. The picture following is at 7 in the morning as they are just starting to wake up.

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