Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas morning discoveries....

A little story behind the video first, about two days before Christmas Eden was picking the leaves off one of my plants and stuffing them into Heath's work boots. When asked to stop by her dad she proceeded to tell him, "it's okay Santa bring you new boots". Heath then explained to her that he didn't ask Santa for new boots, so she walked into the kitchen tipped her head up to the ceiling and asked " Santa please bring my daddy new boot for Christmas", and with that new boots where on there way. On Christmas eve, Santa made a phone call to Eden and once again she made sure Santa knew he wasn't to forget daddy's boots.

Also a note to the video a couple times when asked what she would like from Santa she would say 'MILK, my own freezer of MILK'....I know the kids loves milk but really.......
hope that adds a little insight into the sweetest of this video, sorry about the poor quality!
X0 Erin

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