Friday, September 25, 2009

Toodles for now....

I leave these updates with one last photo. As I look through all the pictures I am saddened by the lack of photos of my wonderful husband and myself, but I filled with joy when I found this one.
I love it!

I hope all is well with your families and you have enjoyed taking a peek at the most recent updates and going-ons of the Armstrong Gang.
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Amanda, Philip, Thomas and Kilian Jungen said...

I love all your photos Erin. Your family looks great! I'm amazed you have ANY time to update at all given how busy you must be. I'd love to catch up in person sometime. Let me know when you're "free". Ha, ha.

Erin said...

Great to read all your updates, Erin! Everyone looks wonderful. I really love that last photo of you and Heath.
I agree with Amanda. A get-together would be great if we can just find a time when we can do it!

Spencer, Allison McLean & Lucy Mylymok said...

Erin, that must be the best pic of you and Heath since your wedding photos! Hope you have it up in a frame somewhere in that huge house of yours. Miss you like crazy and can't wait to see you and the girls again and get a snuggle in!

Erin said...

Just read what you wrote on my post about Run for the Cure. You absolutely must join us next year! It will be wonderful. I just know you'll look pretty in pink!