Monday, July 02, 2007

On your marks get set............

The Armstrong gang spent most of the Canada Day long weekend out at Grandpa Tony and Grandma Sue's place. We had BB Q's, roasted marshmallows, did yard work, played in a small pool, but most of the time was spent racing the new mini moto. Heath and the girls carved out a little track around and through the fields, then they would time each other to see who could make the fastest time. I saw nothing but great big smiles and grins and lots of squeaky voices as they told their excited version of how the ride went.....

Thalia was her usual self....comical as can be. In the photo below she is pretending to be a little old lady of 999,999 years of age, and trying to sell us some fur!!!

On her marks....get

Daddy and Samantha, watching as Alyssa tries to beat Samantha's best time.

She's coming over the last hurdle before hitting the finish line!!!!

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