Saturday, March 31, 2007

A couple additions.....

Just after Christmas the girls inherited a couple of little creatures, known as Lemon Pepper Armstrong, and Sea salt Armstrong. For short we lovingly call them "Pepper" and "Salty". They are wee little Russian hamsters, at first Salty's personality was a little snippy however now she has developed into quite a lovely girl. Pepper right from the get go has been a little monster..... always on the go! We haven't had too many issues with our new additions, except for a few sleepless nights! Once we all call it a night, they of course decide it's the start of their day, and their exercise program! It didn't take tooooo long before we ran out and bought a silent exercise wheel.... Now everyone can sleep through the night, and Pepper and Salty can work on their girlish figures!

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