Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just an ordinary Saturday afternoon

For a wedding present Heath's cousin Darryl sent the whole family on a whale watching tour. The girls were especially excited at the prospects of seeing some ocean wildlife.

Heath and the girls just getting ready to board the Fast Cat for our whale watching experience.

A beautiful Saturday morning, but just a little chilly out on the water, as you can see little Thalia is bundled up.

In the distance the first site of an Orca. We learned that it was not one of the Vancouver Islands resident pods, but rather a group of four orcas known as the T3's a transients. During our tour we watched them make three kills, which proved to be quite exciting because that is when we saw more than just the dorsal fins. Lots of jumping and arching.

After following the pod around for a little while, the tour company made a little side trip over to Race Rocks where hundreds of Stellar and California sealions could be seen just relaxing on the rocks..

What more could a girl ask for but to sit back and take a relaxing boat ride after a long week at school. As you can see Thalia is most enjoying herself, as did the entire family.

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