Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Camping in Strathcona Park

This past weekend the Armstrong Gang went for a camping adventure. On Friday afternoon we packed up the car, and picked up Heath around 4:30pm for the start of our adventure. Driving for about 3 hours we kept ourselves busy reading, and playing word games. At about 8:30pm we finally arrived in the wilderness of Strathcona Park. Keeping our fingers crossed that we would be able to find a camping site,we headed towards Buttle Lake Campgrounds. Once inside we drove around the campgrounds keeping our eyes peeled for an available spot, not too many around as it was the weekend. Luckily, on our last pass through we found the perfect spot to set up the tents.

The girls helped set up the tents and camping gear, and then headed down to check out the playground. After the campsite was all set up the entire gang went down to the lake side beach to gaze at the stars. While gazing at the stars we also had a good laugh, as I almost stumbled over top of a couple also enjoying the great outdoors....!!

Day one, waking up to the familar sounds of the resident crows chattering away. I know everyone who has ever camped can relate to that!! After a yummy camping breakfast of pancakes we set our for our days adventures. The first stop of the day was Lupin Falls. A lovely short but sweet walk through the forest in search of a waterfall. Once we found the waterfall, the explorer in us all started to take over. Alyssa, Thaila and Heath found a way to climb, climb, and climb to see more of the falls. While Samantha and myself remainded more grounded and explored the forest. Lupin Falls while not a huge waterfall, still proved to be quite beautiful. Our next stop was to see a more grand waterfall, Lower Myra Falls.

Myra Falls, is located near the south end of Buttle lake and our hike in took only about 15-20 minutes to hike in. Once there it was nothing less than spectacular, the water so crystal clear, cool, and crisp. We all couldn't resist the temptation to dip our feet into the water, and a couple of us even had a little taste of the wonderfully clean water. After spending about one hour maybe even more exploring we headed out for another adventure..... How about pulling over on the side of a river to cook a little lunch....

Thailia dipping her toes.....

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